America’s First Cathedral Steward

Become a Steward of America’s First Cathedral

Why Contribute?

Interior from back balconyWelcoming over 1 million visitors since her reopening in late 2006, the Baltimore Basilica, America’s First Cathedral, has provided a breathtaking experience for thousands of pilgrims from all over the United States and the world. Throughout these last two years, liturgies of profound spirituality, unforgettable cultural events, and educational tours have occurred within its historic walls. The renaissance of this great Cathedral, which was unveiled on that brisk November day in 2006, was just the beginning. Now, fully restored, America’s First Cathedral looks to the future with hope and excitement. Your membership as a Steward of America’s First Cathedral ensures that the Basilica’s rich heritage will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Who are the Stewards?

The Stewards of America’s First Cathedral are benefactors who, through their annual generosity, help to support the mission of the Baltimore Basilica. They recognize the spiritual, historical, and architectural importance of this sacred and significant house of worship. Specifically, the Stewards of America’s First Cathedral support the Basilica’s operational efforts. These efforts include: maintaining the Basilica’s aesthetic beauty and mechanical efficiency; continued aggressive promotion to guarantee that the public is exposed to the treasure that is the Basilica; ongoing support for moving liturgical and devotional programs, thus keeping the Basilica in the forefront of Catholic and American life; and adequate staffing, to accommodate the growth of the Basilica. Stewards of America’s First Cathedral are honored with an annual Mass and reception usually held in September, and receive the Basilica magazine and other periodic updates on happenings at America’s First Cathedral.

How can I become a member?

To become a member of the Stewards of America’s First Cathedral, simply make a gift or pledge of $50 or more to the Basilica Historic Trust. You may also want to consider the Basilica Legacy League. The Legacy League, part of the Catholic Family Foundation, recognizes those who have remembered the Basilica through a legacy gift, such as a bequest, charitable gift annuity, or through the establishment of an endowment fund.

Click on the Donate tab to make your pledge to the Basilica Historic Trust.

The Basilica was restored in 2006, why do you still need my support?

The day-to-day costs to maintain, operate, promote and staff the Basilica are extraordinary. The Basilica is open 365 days a year, eight hours a day or more. While extremely dedicated and supportive, the Basilica parish is a small urban parish, which cannot possibly shoulder the financial burden of the church alone. Your gift helps to bridge the gap.

What will my Stewards donation be used for?

All gifts to the Stewards appeal are used for the general operation of the Basilica. Donations help the Basilica Historic Trust in its mission to preserve, protect, promote and maintain America’s First Cathedral. Your gift ensures that the thousands of pilgrims who visit the Basilica every year will have a spiritual, joyful, safe and educational experience.

How does my gift truly help people?

Becoming a Steward truly makes you part of something special. You have ownership of the work of the Basilica Historic Trust. You can take pride in the knowledge that your gift helps to provide a spiritual and educational experience to thousands of visitors and pilgrims every year.