Steward Testimonials

Steward Testimonials

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Mike and Wendy Ruck

Hunt Valley, Maryland
Basilica Parishioners and Stewards of America’s First Cathedral

“The Basilica for us is a special place. We still are in awe when we visit this most sacred space. The sense of spirituality and history is often overwhelming. We are so blessed to be able to celebrate the Eucharist in the Mother Church of our Faith Community in the United States. We are so honored to support this effort.”


Debbie Holly

Baltimore, Maryland
Basilica Volunteer and Steward of America’s First Cathedral
“While the Basilica is not my home parish, as a Catholic it is my mother church. Telling her story and sharing the interest of her many visitors makes me aware that the Basilica belongs to all Americans. Supporting the annual appeal is important to me; the proceeds will ensure that this historically significant spiritual home remains open to all who wish to come and experience this special house of worship.”


Mal and Jan Pavik

Bonita Springs, Florida
Stewards of America’s First Cathedral
“The Basilica’s place as one of our country’s great architectural marvels is in itself reason for us to offer support. When we further reflect on the role that this church has played in our nation’s history, and especially the history of the Catholic Church in the United States, we are humbled to be involved in the life of the Basilica, as a Steward of America’s First Cathedral.”

donor-valenzanoMonsignor Arthur Valenzano

Baltimore, Maryland
Steward of America’s First Cathedral
“The historical significance of the Baltimore Basilica for the Catholic Church in the United States is unprecedented. Her role as the First Catholic Cathedral in the United States and the Co-Cathedral for the Archdiocese of Baltimore spans more than two centuries of faithful witness and prayerful worship. Located in the heart of the rapid revitalization taking place in the neighborhood known as Cathedral Hill, the Basilica is also a thriving parish in the center of Baltimore. Come and visit, stay to pray and go forth to witness to Our Lord.”

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