1789 – November 6
Pope Pius VI creates the Diocese of Baltimore, and appoints John Carroll as the first Bishop of the United States.

1791 – November 7-10
The Synod of Baltimore, the first formal meeting of the U.S. Church, was held at St. Peter’s pro-cathedral on Saratoga Street.

1805 – July 22
The Trustees approve architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s plans for the Cathedral.

1806 – July 7
Archbishop John Carroll lays the Cornerstone of the Baltimore Cathedral.

1821 – May 31
Archbishop Ambrose Maréchal dedicates the Cathedral to the Service of God, under the title of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

1829 – October 3-18
The First Provincial Council is held, issuing Decrees on Church Administration, encouraging use of the Douay version of the Bible, and asserting the necessity for Catholic schools.

1831 – October 28-November 5
Alexis de Tocqueville visits the Basilica on his travels through the United States, the basis for his book Democracy in America.

1833 – October 20-27
The Second Provincial Council us held, proposing the formation of new dioceses and evangelization of Native Americans.

1837 – April 16-23
The Third Provincial Council is held, at which a Pastoral letter is written, outlining discrimination against Catholics in the U.S., which assured American Civil authorities of the loyalty of Catholics.

1840 – May 17-24
The Fourth Provincial Council is held, enacting laws for mixed marriages, defined jurisdiction of pastors, counseling temperance in drinking, and promoted Catholic education of youth.

1843 – May 14-21
The Fifth Provincial Council is held, which dealt with Sacramental practice and administrative law concerns.

1846 – May 10-17
The Sixth Provincial Council is held, declaring the Blessed Virgin Mary Patroness of the U.S., under the title of Immaculate Conception.

1849 – May 6-13
The Seventh Provincial Council is held, petitioning Pope Pius IX to define the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

1852 – May 9-20
The First Plenary Council is held, extending the legislation of the Seven Provincial Councils to the entire country.
1866 – October 7-20
The Second Plenary Council is held, calling for Evangelization of African Americans and for a greater unity of thought and action following the Civil War. President Andrew Johnson attended the final session of the Council.

1876 – May 25
Archbishop James Roosevelt Bayley performs the Solemn Consecration of the Cathedral at the retirement of its debt.

1877 – December 22
Father Michael J. McGivney, founder of the Knights of Columbus, is ordained in the Basilica by James Cardinal Gibbons.

1884 – November 9-December 7
The third Plenary Council is held, commissioning the Baltimore Catechism, establishing the Catholic University of America, instituting funding for African American and Native American missions. It is the largest council assembly held outside of Rome since the Council of Trent.

1889 – November 10
The Cathedral hosts the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of the American hierarchy.

1906 – April 6
The Cathedral celebrates the 100th anniversary of the laying of its cornerstone by John Carroll.

1937 – September 1
Pope Pius XI raises the Baltimore Cathedral to the rank of a Minor Basilica.

Pope John XXIII decrees the Basilica a Co-Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

1972 – November 15
The Basilica is designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Secretary of the Interior, Rogers Clark Ballard Morton.

1976 – April 1The Basilica of the Assumption Historic Trust, Inc. is established to “maintain, preserve, protect, repair and restore the structure and site of the Basilica, together with its grounds and ancillary buildings to insure that their historic and landmark character shall be preserved in trust for the enrichment of future generations of Baltimoreans, and to foster and promote public knowledge of and interest in the historic nature of The Basilica of the Assumption.”

1989 – November 5
The Basilica hosts the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the American hierarchy, which is attended by the largest gathering of bishops in the United States.

1993 – September 15
The Basilica is designated a National Shrine by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

1995 – October 8
Pope John Paul II makes a pastoral visit to Baltimore and prays before the Blessed Sacrament, where he greets a small group of Basilica communicants.

1996 – May 29
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta attends the renewal of vows of 35 of her Missionaries of Charity, held at the Basilica.

1997 – October 23
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople, visits the Basilica, marking the first time in which an Orthodox Patriarch presided and preached at a Roman Catholic cathedral in the United States.

Restore the Light: The Campaign for America’s First Cathedral is launched by Cardinal William H. Keeler, to restore the Basilica to the original vision of John Carroll and Benjamin Henry Latrobe.

2004 – April
The Basilica closes its doors to begin the intensive restoration process.

2006 – March 30
Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. names 2006 “The Year of the Baltimore Basilica” at a press conference in the Annapolis State House.

2006 – November 4
The Basilica reopens its doors in time for the Bicentennial of America’s First Cathedral. A two-week long celebration begins, which includes a concert by the Morgan State University Choir, Inter-Faith Service, Archdiocesan Mass, Youth Mass and exterior illumination event, and a Mass attended by 235 bishops and archbishops of the United States.

2007 – August 2
The Basilica welcomes its 100,000th visitor since the grand reopening, Rosalie Dohm of Woodbridge, VA.

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