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In 2011, on the Solemnity of the Assumption, the Basilica parish initiated 40 weekday hours of Eucharistic Adoration, to pray for vocations. In order to provide for a more private and prayerful space, an existing alcove located near the formal crypt, one dedicated to the various religious orders that have contributed to Baltimore’s rich Catholic heritage, was modified to accommodate multiple adorers. A new display for the religious orders is currently in the planning stage and will be restored once an appropriate location can be found.
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In November of 2014, the chapel was remodeled to reflect it’s connection to the Cathedral/Basilica and dedicated to Monsignor Arthur Valenzano, Rector of the Cathedral/Basilica.
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A new altar was installed that also reflected the heritage of the 2 apse altars (St. Michael and St. James the Less) by it’s design and detail including the retabla and tabernacle.112514 001The only major difference was the construction of a dome for the monstrance. The monstrance itself was recently restored so that it could be included as a permanent component of the remodeled adoration chapel. The gothic style monstrance was actually recovered by a fisherman at Loch Raven Reservoir who thought he had caught a large fish.112514 018

The chapel can accommodate up to 6 adorers between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday and can be accessed either via the crypt entrance area or from the Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel.

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