“By God’s gift through water and the Holy Spirit we are reborn to everlasting life. In his goodness, may he continue to pour out his blessings upon these sons and daughters of his.

May he make them always, wherever they may be, faithful members of his holy people. May he send his peace upon all who are gathered here, in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
–From the Rite of Baptism

Your child’s baptism is a most sacred day, and we at the Basilica are pleased that you are considering having your child baptized in America’s First Cathedral!

We ask that you first read the information section below, which answers some of the more commonly asked questions. Then, fill out and submit the request for information contact form found at the bottom of this page.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Baptisms at the Basilica

Q. How old can the child be?
A. From infant to five years of age. If the child is older than five years, and you are not a registered member of the Basilica parish, you will need to contact your local parish and register your child in their religious education program.

Q. Who can be a godparent?
A. Canon Law requires only one godparent, who must be a practicing Catholic and active in their parish. If there are to be 2 Godparents, one must be male, and the other must be female. If one of the godparents is not Catholic, but is a baptized Christian, they may serve as a Christian witness to the baptism along with the Catholic godparent.

Baptismal FontQ. When can I register for the preparation class?
A. After we receive and review your completed baptism registration form, you will be contacted by the parish office. Basilica Baptismal Preparation classes are held on the 1st Sunday of each month by appointment only (no walk ins). Both parents and godparents MUST attend a preparation class either at the Basilica or in their home parish.

Q. After I complete the required paperwork and attend the class, what happens next?
A. Unless you have arranged for an alternate date, baptisms will take place on the 2nd Sunday of each month following the 10:45 AM Mass. You will need to confirm that your child is scheduled for an agreed upon baptism date and time before making arrangements.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. The requested donation for a baptism for non-parishioners is $35.00 and does not include a clergy stipend. Parishioners registered for at least six months prior to the baptism are asked to make a free will offering.

Complete the Baptismal Registration Form Below

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Parish Registration Requirement

Please note that in order for a Baptism to take place at the Basilica, you must be registered in a parish. If you are not a Basilica parishioner, you must obtain a letter of permission from your Pastor.

Thank you for submitting your request to the Baltimore Basilica. We will reply to your request as quickly as we can, but it may take as long as a week. If you have any questions or would like to contact us by phone, you can reach the parish office at: 410-727-3565 x 220.