Eucharistic Adoration

A message from the Rector

Dear Adorers and Fellow Co-workers,

As you know, we recently offered Eucharistic Adoration 3 days a week at the Basilica—Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. However, we have had tremendous difficulty filling all of these hours. There have been many times when we simply do not have anyone in front of the Blessed Sacrament. And with the summer approaching, it will be even more difficult to fill all the time slots (especially as the Archdiocesan Offices close on Fridays).

So, here is what will happen effective immediately:

  • From May 14 until June 5 we will not have scheduled Eucharistic Adoration in the Basilica. We will use this time to regroup and come up with our new Adoration Schedule. That said, you are welcome to come pray at any time we are open!
  • From June 6 on, we will begin having Eucharistic Adoration on Tuesdays only. A link (from will be sent to everyone to give you an opportunity to sign up online for an hour with Our Lord. My goal is to get 3 people signed up for every hour—so we are never in a situation when the Eucharist is left alone.

It is my desire that we have Adoration every day at the Basilica! I love Adoration! However, I also need to make sure we don’t over extend ourselves. This plan will allow us to grow organically. When it becomes clear that we have enough adorers to add a second day, I will gladly do so!

A sincere thanks to all of you wonderful Prayer Warriors! You all are awesome! Your prayerfulness is an inspiration to me. If I can ever do anything to serve you, never hesitate to call on me.

God Bless you!

Fr. James Boric

Rector of the Basilica