Inclement Weather Policy


 If Baltimore City delays opening their schools because of weather, the 7:30 AM Mass will be cancelled.
The Basilica will reopen once all walkways are cleared and it is safe for visitors to enter the property without personal risk.
For example:
If Baltimore City Schools are on delayed open, the Basilica will reopen at 9am.
Normally scheduled weekday 11:30am confessions and the 12:10pm Mass will take place as previously scheduled.

If Baltimore City schools are closed because of weather, the Basilica will not open (with some exceptions). There will be no public masses or tours. It is imperative that we not risk people injuring themselves. That said, the Rector will always offer the Masses for the scheduled intentions that day.


Because of possible exceptions to the policy, it is recommended that parishioners, visitors and guests check this website for a top banner alert message, check the Basilica Facebook page, or sign up for text and or email alerts


Because of the need to provide safe and secure access to the Basilica, and to allow staff time to clear all walkways and ramps, please please follow the exceptions recommendations before attempting to visit the Basilica.

Overall, whenever there is a snow/ice event, please exercise extreme caution when on Basilica property to avoid potential slips and falls.